Zelda fans rally around Tears of the Kingdom leaks that confirm Hyrulian cheese

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom screenshot
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Forget your flashy gameplay demos - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fans are excited about cheese.

Over the past weekend, Tears of the Kingdom's forthcoming art book leaked online, unveiling unannounced details and spoilers for the new game. One slightly less headline-worthy point of note in the new art book, as you can see via the Reddit post below, is that cheese is apparently a thing in the new Zelda game.

That's "Hateno Cheese" specifically, as the caption in the Japanese artbook reads. Perhaps instead of pieces of the iconic Triforce, Tears of the Kingdom will see Link scouring Hyrule to recover three triangles of cheese, representing courage, power, and wisdom.

The Zelda fandom is, erm, weirdly excited about the prospect of cheese in Tears of the Kingdom. While some are just praising the item, others are thinking in more granular detail, with one Reddit user hoping for "a way to have an unbroken cheese wheel that could be dropped whole and rolled downhill." God knows how Breath of the Wild trickshot players could incorporate this.

"100 metacritic score incoming," writes another Reddit user. "Spoiler alert: cheese in the game will also have "durability"...if Link eats it when it's past it's best, he'll lose hearts," says another creative Tears of the Kingdom fan. One wonders if the Hateno Cheese could even transition to Blue Cheese if Link has it in his backpack too long.

Given the artbook leak though, you will want to be wary online if you're looking to avoid details that aren't as granular as cheese in Tears of the Kingdom. Big plot points are leaking online thanks to the artbook, and it's a while until Tears of the Kingdom launches later this year on May 12.

Elsewhere, Tears of the Kingdom fans think it's a prequel to Skyward Sword, as the Zelda timeline rears its head once again. 

Hirun Cryer

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