Zack Snyder teases Army of the Dead as “genre-destroying” with “very practical” zombies

Army of the Dead
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While we might all be eagerly awaiting Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the director also has another film arriving soon. Army of the Dead is landing on Netflix next year, and so far one of its stars has described it as “real different” – and now Snyder has revealed more about what we can expect from the movie.

Speaking to Grace Randolph, Snyder teased: “The movie is bonkers but in a great way, I’m super happy with what we did and just how like genre-destroying it is, in a great way.”

As for the zombies themselves, Snyder revealed that “they’re very practical,” but added that “there’s a couple wide shots where there’s like an army, like a Lord of the Rings style zombie horde…there’s some digital zombies there but 99.9% of them are just like, you know, scary, ass-kicking zombies…You know I like that kind of zombie.”

From Snyder’s comments, we can guess Army of the Dead is going to be a wild ride with some seriously scary zombies – in line with the fast-moving undead seen in his first zombie offering, Dawn of the Dead. It also sounds pretty action heavy, and the thought of a giant, Lord of the Rings-inspired horde of zombies is definitely spine-chilling.

Snyder also shared that he was “finishing up Army of the Dead” and that “it’s been a lot of fun”, although we still don’t have a firm release date besides knowing the film will hit Netflix sometime in 2021. The Snyder Cut is also set to hit HBO Max in 2021, so it should be a busy year for Snyder fans.

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