Zack and Miri's first flash

Now, don’t get RSI (or whatever it’s called now – wonky wrist syndrome) clicking over to USA Today to check out the debut image from Kevin Smith’s Zack and Miri Make A Porno because it’s not a smutty shot.

Unless you count Rogen and Banks (reunited from The 40 Year Old Virgin) seated at a table in a strip club taking in “the view” smutty.

It doesn’t reveal much, except that this may be Smith’s biggest breakout movie to date, with Rogen still surfing his Knocked Up/Superbad wave of popularity. Only, will the puritan Yanks balk at a film so obviously about, well, porn?

Expect plenty of scatological gags (that sounds worse than we meant it) and Smith’s usual forthright male angst. We won't mind if he leaves the donkeys out this time.

Source: ( USA Today )