Zach Snyder taking The Last Photograph

Just when you thought Zach Snyder couldn’t add another possible directing job to his stuffed development schedule her, er does.

Snyder, who’s currently hard at work directing Watchmen for Warner Brothers, has concocted a story based on a photograph that prompts two men to make a journey through war-ravaged Afghanistan.

Kurt Johnstad, who was one of the writers of 300, will scribble the script, while Hollywood Gang producer Gianni Nunnari (another 300 veteran) will also be involved. But Warners won’t necessarily get the distribution gig – the director and his team plan to develop the movie and then auction it off.

Besides, while Snyder might direct it, he already has plenty of other projects floating around once Watchmen is complete. He’s considering an adaptation of Ray Bradbury novel The Illustrated Man, zombie pic Army Of The Dead and action fantasy Sucker Punch.

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