Yup, the Assassin's Creed movie is looking pretty assassiny

According to Malta Today the Assassin's Creed movie is filming in the capital Valletta. While there's no sign of Michael Fassbender as assassin Aguilar it's all looking very much AC2 era in style, with several pictures of set dressing and preparation (there's apparently sand everywhere, with cows and sheep blocking doors to people's homes). There's even a shot purported to be Fassbender's stuntman, halfway up a building looking like he's about to synchronise

According to this source we have the following information on some of the scenes being filmed which includes - YES - a man falling into a pile of hay:

"The scene is literally four black-clad guards (armed with a crossbow) stumbling down the street through the crowd."

"They're now running into the lovely baroque church flanked by armoured men-at-arms. Their day looks like a whole lot of running in leather. I've got so much respect for them. If the film is just extras running in the sun, I'll give it an Oscar for endurance."

"The three other scenes we saw being shot are: The bastards in black, flanked by the brightly coloured men-at-arms rushing up the hill and into the church. The lead bastard in black riding a black Arabian horse - a real beauty - down the street. This was shot very close, with the stalls and carts etc brought in tighter away from the wall so they could scatter as the horse drove through. There was also a green screen set up at the end of the street for this shot, which was moved to the top of the street for a later scene. Finally, and most fun, was a shot just outside the church. The lead bastard in black was hanging from a frame, suspended from a crane, by his hands and feet. He then drops to his arms and drops into the back end of a hay cart, landing more or less on his feed - I suspect this was a 'controlled' fall or jump from the roof of the church."

Image credits: Malta Today, Assassin's Creed Thailand Facebook page, Reddit

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