Your Rock Band rock band, for real?

Nov 14, 2007

Is Rock Band too good to be true? Not only does it threaten to take Guitar Hero to its logical multiplayer evolutionary state, but now Alex Rigopolus- Harmonix CEO and lead drummer – tells Official Xbox Magazine (on its spiffy newwebsite) that you’ll be able to take your band out of the game and into the real world with shirts, stickers, and- wait for it- figurines.

Rock Band gives every player the chance to customize their character, down to tattoos and face paint, save it all on the hard drive, and watch as their name appears in lights on stages, tour buses, and billboards. But Alex says “all of that stuff, we're going to be able to export to your web pages, and from there you'll be able to take your band avatars, pose them, create album covers with your band logo and different scenes with your avatars. And then you'll be able to turn that into real world stuff. For example, figurines based upon your Rock Band avatars, t-shirts with your fake band's album art and your tour dates on the back from your accomplishments within the game, bumper stickers, old records, things like that. Really cool real-world merchandise based on this fictitious band that you've created in the game.”

Couldn't be more awesome. Whether or not it will actually happen is another matter entirely. First, we gotta make it to the game's launch next week.