Your pics: If silent video game characters could talk

UPDATE:After getting the ball rolling with our own efforts (see page 2), we opened it up to you guys on Facebook and the GamesRadar forum. Some of you shopped together your own, while we've made the others up ourselves from your comments. Give yourselves a pat on the back - some of these are great!

Above: Sackboy by Sam Scarfone

Above: Halo 3: ODST by Jeremy Montalvo

Above: Modern Warfare 2's Ramirez by Aodhan Devlin

Above: Gordon Freeman from Half-Life 2 by EII2233

Above: Crackdown by Karl Smith

Above: Zelda's Link by Sam Scarfone

Above: Chrono Trigger byssj4raditz

Above: Crackdown by Ravenbom

Above: Half-Life 2 by JohnnyMaverik

Above: Metroid by Ravenbom

Above: Flower bylemonleafs

Above:Pokemon byHydrohs

Above: SoulCalibur's Voldo by Ravenbom

Above: Scribblenauts by Ravenbom

Above:Dead Space by (you guessed it) Ravenbom again

Well done everyone. Hit page 2 to see our original ideas if you missed them first time round. If you missed out this time and feel like having a go, you can still show your creative side in theforum.

Justin Towell

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