First image from The Walking Dead season 7 released, plus you'll find out who Negan killed in the premiere

Season 6 of The Walking Dead ended on a bit of an… unsatisfying cliffhanger, to say the least. The diabolical Negan has our crew held hostage, informing them that they all work for him now - and to show that he means business, he plans on beating one of them to death. As he begins his assault, the screen dramatically cuts to black, leaving the victim of Negan's rage hanging for months. According to Entertainment Weekly, AMC isn't putting off the results longer than it has to, as the season 7 premiere will reveal exactly who Negan killed off. 

Executive producer Greg Nicotero told EW: "Yes, who was at the receiving end of Negan’s bat will be revealed in the first episode." EW also has the first photo from season 7 (see below), which looks a lot like the end of season 6. Perhaps season 7 will pick up at the exact moment where season 6 left off?

Who Negan's actually going to bludgeon, though, is still very much up in the air. The season 7 premiere also won't be the last you see of Negan, as actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been signed on as a series regular.

Season 7 of The Walking Dead will debut on AMC in October 2016.

Images: Entertainment Weekly/AMC

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