You should avoid scanning Payday 3's QR codes - trust us

Payday 3
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Payday 3 players can't believe what they're seeing after scanning the in-game QR codes scattered around the FPS. 

As documented by several Payday 3 players, something unexpected (but also totally expected) happens if you scan the QR codes in the game. If you haven't figured it out already, yes, Payday 3 players are currently being Rickrolled in the year 2023 by the game's developer Starbreeze Studios.

The videos below demonstrate exactly what happens but if you did want to experience this yourself, you need to head to the 'VIP Showroom' door in the Payday 3 Dirty Ice heist. Here, you'll find a QR code just below the room's sign. Scan this using your phone's camera and you'll be taken to the music video for Rick Astley's song, Never Gonna Give You Up. 

Understandably, since many of us have been falling for this since the late 2000s, there's been a mixed response to Payday 3 players being Rickrolled. Some, like the YouTuber above, are loving it, calling it "by far one of the best f****** Easter eggs I've ever seen." On the other hand, there are players like this Twitter user who has shared a video of themselves scanning the QR code and just captioned it: "Seriously?" Clearly, not everyone is a fan of the 80s hit. 

At least this easy-to-miss Easter egg has given Payday 3 players something to smile about - which is needed after all of the server issues the game has been suffering since launch. In an effort to fix this, Payday 3 is going offline twice this week to improve server and matchmaking stability. When asked about whether the FPS will be getting an offline mode, a Starbreeze Studios dev said: "We're evaluating every possibility."

Take a look at our Payday 3 crossplay guide to find out how to play online with your pals. 

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