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You can watch Spider-Man: Homecoming's opening scene right now

We’re in the midst of Spidey-mania for Spider-Man: Homecoming and there’s a pretty good chance you can’t wait any longer to feast your eyes on the first solo Spider-Man MCU movie. Well, you’re in luck: here’s the opening scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming. Enjoy.

You’ve probably already seen bits and pieces of Peter Parker’s vlog detailing the events leading up to his appearance in Captain America: Civil War but here it is in all of its glory, from Happy accompanying Peter to Berlin, to the webhead taking Cap’s shield.

My highlight? Peter’s narration voice is brilliant, but his constant badgering of Happy is hilarious. You really get the feeling that Happy would’ve been totally fine with locking him in the cubicle of that private plane.

Tony Stark’s even recorded an alibi for Peter to show to his Aunt May – complete with a massively inappropriate comment about what she’s wearing. Oh, Tony, you old dog.

What, you’re still here? Watch it again and again (and again) until the movie finally arrives. Not long to wait now.

Image: Marvel

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