You can play the Resident Evil Village third-person mode early with a free demo

Resident Evil Village third-person mode
(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition has a free demo you can download now and experience the game's forthcoming third-person mode early.

Announced during today's Resident Evil showcase, the Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition demo is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The demo will let you play a full hour of the main campaign in either first-person or third-person. However, it doesn't appear that any of the Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose DLC will be available in the Gold Edition demo.

Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition packages in the base game, the new third-person mode, and the new Shadows of Rose DLC, which stars Ethan Winters' now 16-year-old daughter Rose. In grappling with newfound and terrifyingly deadly powers, Rose enters a mysterious realm that exists from within the consciousness of the Megamycete, the core of the Mold supercolony at the center of Resident Evil Village's story. Your mission is to free Rose from the prison of her supernatural powers, but naturally there are equally supernatural obstacles standing in your way.

In addition to all of that, the Gold Edition also adds Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and Alcina Dimitrescu as playable characters, as well as two new levels, in the arcade-style Mercenaries mode, which unlocks after your first full playthrough of the main campaign. Finally, you'll also get the previously available Trauma Pack DLC and access to the multiplayer Re:Verse game, the latter of which has an early access mode going live on Sunday, October 23 and running through Tuesday, October 25.

If that's not enough, check out the new Resident Evil 4 Remake gameplay trailer.

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