You can now watch the Deadpool 2 Baby Hitler deleted scene that was originally cut for being too shocking

The release of the Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut home release means we can finally clap eyes on something that was only spoken about in hushed tones and reverent whispers upon being cut from Wade Wilson’s second outing. Two words: Baby Hitler. Two more words: Diaper change. It really has to be seen to be believed – and you can tell why it was left out of the movie’s release.

Two separate YouTubers have each uploaded a part of the Baby Hitler deleted scene. The first part is very much what we expected after details emerged from early test screenings of the film at the beginning of the year: Deadpool, having travelled back in time to right some wrongs (including, hilariously, killing Ryan Reynolds before he accepts the role of Green Lantern), comes face-to-face with the biggest hypothetical time travel question ever – would you kill Baby Hitler?

The post-credits scene begins with The Merc With a Mouth hyping himself up to get the deed over and done with. It doesn’t work. While the scene originally ends with Wade Wilson quipping “Maximum effort” and going in for the kill, there’s a brand-new ending that we haven’t seen before. That’s where the second video comes in.

In it, we can see Deadpool failing to go through with the act, instead choosing to change Baby Hitler’s diaper and promising to bring Cable along because, in his words, “he loves killing kids.”

All in all, this is something only Deadpool could get away with, even if it's not too shocking. Still, iti's no surprise this ended up on the cutting room floor instead of being shown to thousands on opening night. Not even Wade Wilson could've wormed his way out of that controversy.

Bradley Russell

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