You can get four of the best games on Steam for under $25 this weekend

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The Supergiant Games catalog is made up of nothing but bangers, and if you've missed out on the likes of Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, or Hades, an excellent Steam sale is here to help you inexpensively rectify your mistakes.

All four of these games have very different mechanics, but they're united by beautiful visuals, incredible soundtracks, and razor-sharp mechanics. My personal favorite remains the studio's debut, Bastion, which is a steal at $2.99 USD. It's an isometric action game with an expansive set of weapons and a soundtrack that I've had stuck in my head for well over a decade now.

Pyre and Transistor are both a bit more esoteric, but are similarly well worth checking out at $3.99 each. Transistor is a cyberpunk RPG with an incredible blend of action and strategy, letting you build your abilities a multitude of different ways through a robust customization system. Pyre centers on a fake, basketball-like sport, but it's really all about a narrative that sees you leading a band of exiles through a supernatural world where the outcome of the games changes the direction of the story.

At this point, Hades probably needs no introduction. It's Supergiant's breakout hit, arguably the best game of 2020, and an incredible roguelike with something for everybody. It's got a great story, fantastic action, robust ways to build your character, and effectively endless replayability. Plus its cadre of Greek heroes and villains is arguably the hottest cast in all of video games. Hades is half-off with this deal, bringing the price to $12.49.

That means you can get all four games for $23.46, and I promise this post is not sponsored - it's just that I recommend Supergiant's catalog very highly. You can also pick up the full Supergiant Collection package for $34.77, which includes both the games and their unforgettable soundtracks.

Hades 2 is set to be Supergiant's first sequel.

Dustin Bailey
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