You can finally stream Onward on Disney Plus UK - here are the best deals

You can finally stream Onward on Disney Plus UK - here are the best deals
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We could all do with a bit of cheering up at the moment, so it's just as well that we can finally stream Onward in the UK. The new Pixar movie had barely hit cinema screens before the coronavirus lockdown put a stop to it, and we've had to watch from the sidelines as the rest of the world saw it via Disney Plus. Now it's our turn - the film is available on Disney's streaming service for UK subscribers.

If you want to stream Onward, all you need is a Disney Plus sign-up or one of the Disney Plus bundles. The basic package sets you back £5.99 per month and there's no binding contract, so you can cancel whenever you want. Once you've got a subscription, you can watch the movie - and everything else the service has to offer - as much as you like.

Set in a fantasy world where magic has been replaced by technology and other modern trappings, Onward is a story about two brothers who learn that they can resurrect their dead father for a single day using his wizard's staff... but mess up the spell. Only his legs and feet materialise, resulting in an endearing quest to make things right. It's every bit as heart-warming as you'd expect from Pixar, and a lot of fun - it takes plenty of cues from the best tabletop RPGs, and those behind it have clearly gotten a few games like the D&D Starter Set under their belt.

We've got the best deals for you below, and you'll then be clear to see everything Disney Plus has to offer - you can watch The Simpsons online, binge the Star Wars saga and watch The Mandalorian (which is back at the end of this month), or watch Frozen 2. There's loads to keep you busy. Just remember though, you have to pay extra if you want to watch Mulan before it lands on the service for all users this December.

Stream Onward in the UK

Disney Plus | £5.99 per month

Disney Plus | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">£5.99 per month
If you're looking to stream Onward, all you need is a Disney Plus membership. This is available for £5.99 per month or £59.99 for a whole year. We'd recommend grabbing a single month and seeing how you go - it's easy to cancel if you decide you don't want to continue the subscription.


O2 + Disney Plus | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">Up to 12-month Disney Plus pass with O2
If you were looking to upgrade your phone or SIM-only deal, this O2 offer is well worth considering. The O2 website says that you'll get 12 months of Disney Plus on them if you're choosing a new plan, (just choose it as your extra at checkout), or it can be added to an existing contract for £5.99 per month. We probably wouldn't recommend upgrading an existing contract, though - if you're already an O2 customer, you're not really saving anything.

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As for anyone hoping to upgrade their setup, don't forget to look into the best gaming TVs and the best gaming sound system. This'll allow you to stream Onward at its best, and both are sure to get discounts during the Black Friday deals or the Amazon Prime Day deals (the Amazon Prime Day TV deals, more specifically).

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