Yet another new bit of Oblivion content

More chunks of the Oblivion world are being made available for download through Xbox Marketplace for 150 Microsoft Points and directly from the Oblivion sitefor $1.89. This latest addition encompasses a tower in the Jeral Mountains called Frostcrag Spire that, once downloaded, can be used as a home-base for wandering adventurers. Geared towards the more magically minded Obliviots, the Wizard's Tower can be upgraded to house an Enchanting and Spellmaking station and a laboratory that buffs alchemy skills (complete with an indoor botanical garden for herb harvesting).

Frostcrag Spire also comes equipped with an Atronach Altar for summoning the wily beasts to assist you and teleportation gates that can transport you to any Mage Guild in Cyrodil. With all of these extra features packed into one download, we're thinking this should satisfy the naysayers angered by the wimpy horse download.

April 25, 2006