Aliens set to invade in Year 12

Little known commercial director Fredrik Bond has joined the team behind sci-fi project Year 12 .

Set twelve years after an alien invasion, the film follows an underwater miner who is recruited by the human resistance in a plot to destroy the alien mothership.

Year 12 is set to be produced by Joe Roth ( Knight and Day ) with a spec-script from relative newcomer, Edward Ricourt.

Originally set up by Paramount, Year 12 has recently gone into turn around, and is awaiting attachment to a new studio.

Bond has directed commercials for clients such as Volkswagen, 3, and Carling (pictured), and a music video for Moby's Bodyrock.

But despite having not yet directed a single feature length movie, Bond is linked with several other projects, including Hack/Slash for Rogue, and the American remake of The Host for Universal.

You can see Bond's video for Bodyrock below;

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