Xbox Series X/S is Microsoft's biggest UK console launch yet

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S
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We already know that Microsoft seems pretty chuffed with the launch of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but the company can now add another accolade to the list – Xbox Series X/S is Microsoft's biggest console launch ever in the UK.

Publishers have reportedly informed VGC that Microsoft shifted around 155,000 consoles on launch day, beating the Xbox One, which sold 150,000 over its first two days on the market. That's in spite of the stock shortages that have seen a lot of disappointed Xbox fans go empty-handed for now.

With the UK being Xbox's biggest market second only to the US, it's a significant milestone, even if it's some way off the 250,000 PS4 units Sony sold in the first 48-hours after launch back in 2013. 

As we reported yesterday, Microsoft ran down a list of impressive figures for the launch of its new console family. While it did specify that more new consoles were sold during the first day than in any prior generation, it refrained from giving any specific sales figures directly - supporting Xbox boss Phil Spencer's previous statements that doing so would "change the focus" from engaging players, which is where he wants to keep his entire division pointed. 

Players reportedly started up 3,594 different titles on their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles in the first 24 hours of the consoles' release. 

Oh, and if you haven't managed to grab your own new Xbox yet, keep the faith – Microsoft says it's "working tirelessly" to bring more consoles to the global market.

"The Xbox Series X is an unconventional next-generation console," Josh wrote in his detailed review of the Xbox Series X. "It's arriving with thousands of playable games from day one, each of which appears to play better than they ever have on console, but the broad appeal of that offering will likely depend on where your allegiances have been for the last generation."

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