Xbox Series X and S owners played nearly 3,600 unique games within 24 hours of launch

Xbox Series X
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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners played nearly 3,600 unique games within the first 24 hours of the console hitting the market, giving entirely new meaning to the term "launch title".

Microsoft ran down a list of impressive figures for the launch of its new console family on the official Xbox Wire blog. While it did specify that more new consoles were sold during the first day than in any prior generation, it refrained from giving any specific sales figures - supporting Xbox boss Phil Spencer's previous statements that doing so would "change the focus" from engaging players, which is where he wants to keep his entire division pointed.

According to Xbox Wire, players started up 3,594 different titles on their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles in the consoles' first 24 hours. The vast, vast majority of those must have been backwards compatible games from generations past, which shows how excited folks are to try out their old favorites on new hardware.

Microsoft also flexed just how much its evolving approach to console gaming is tied to Xbox Game Pass: 70 percent of all Xbox Series X and S consoles are attached to Xbox Game Pass memberships, including both new and pre-existing subscriptions. It makes sense! If you're excited enough about Xbox to get a new console on launch day, you probably also know what a ridiculously good deal Xbox Game Pass is right now.

If you haven't managed to grab your own new Xbox yet, Microsoft says it's "working tirelessly" to bring more consoles to the market worldwide.

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