Xbox Series X video shows an early look at Gears 5's visual improvements

A new Xbox Series X video shows us an early preview of how Gears 5 will look when it's running on Microsoft's next-gen system.

The video from Digital Foundry compares footage of Gears 5 running on Xbox One X against an early Xbox Series X version of the same game. Apparently this new version was the result of just about two weeks of work, so it isn't a full demonstration of what Gears 5 will look like when it's properly running on the Xbox Series X specs.

Even still, in those two weeks the developers at The Coalition have produced a version of the game with noticeably improved visuals. Its cutscenes run at a consistent 60 frames per second, and it has increased draw distances for foliage (so you don't have grass and bushes just popping into view in front of you), as well as reflections on more objects. If you've already played Gears 5 on a high-end PC, you've seen some of these features firsthand, but further work on the upgrade to Xbox Series X could yield even more improvements.

According to the video, The Coalition is also working on allowing Gears 5 multiplayer to run at 120 frames per second on Xbox Series X, twice as fast as its current version on Xbox One. All of these changes - and again, whatever else The Coalition cooks up between now and the launch of Xbox Series X - will be released as an update to the game on compatible hardware as part of the new Smart Delivery feature.

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