Xbox Series S stock is back at Amazon UK (the Series X is already gone, unfortunately)

Xbox Series S stock
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Update: Sorry folks, it looks like the Xbox Series X stock is gone. We'd say it took all of two minutes to sell out, which shows just how fierce the competition is. However, you can still pick up Xbox Series S stock for £249.99.

Xbox Series X stock is back at Amazon UK for the standard price of £449.99, so make a beeline for the site right now if you want a chance at securing the next-gen console. No, really. It's probably going to vanish in a few minutes (if it hasn't already), so you can't delay. Similarly, Xbox Series S stock has popped up on the same site for £249.99. Get on that ASAP if you want the cheaper system.

If you missed the Xbox Series X stock boat, don't panic. Much like PS5 stock, it's been hitting shelves pretty consistently over the last few days. In fact, UK retailer Very had both Series X and Series S stock at the beginning of this week. Dell and Gamestop in the US also had units on offer a few days ago, not to mention Australia's Microsoft Store. That suggests more consoles could be on their way to retailers soon, so we'd recommend keeping an eye on your favourite stores. To get you started, we've listed some quick links below.

It's worth watching out for Twitter trends, too. It tends to be a good early-warning system, and that's how we found out about the Xbox Series X stock listed above. Accounts like XboxStockAlerts are usually on the money, for example. It's a risky game because the console will vanish within minutes of it being shared across social media, but hey, it's been so difficult to buy Xbox Series X or buy PS5 in the early weeks 2021 that we'll seize any opportunity.

The upside of all this? We can say for sure that the trickle of Xbox Series X stock is getting stronger, and more is on the way. For example, UK retailer Box recently announced they would be using their Xbox Series X ballot system at the end of this month to stop bots from scooping up all the deals (what a world we live in, eh?). Considering the news of bots making thousands of orders last week, that's a welcome idea.

As always, the best thing you can do while waiting for Xbox Series X stock is to keep the links listed above in your back pocket. They'll make sure that you're as ready as possible for when the consoles appear on virtual shelves. Because honestly, the competition out there is fierce. It doesn't help that retailers drop units with next to no fanfare, too. 

While you're waiting, don't forget to check in with our guide to Xbox Series X deals and bundles. This is updated regularly and will keep you abreast of any offers as they appear. 

Good luck!

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