Xbox Series X size specs reveal how much space you'll need under your TV

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has revealed the full specs for the Xbox Series X size, so now you'll know exactly e and whether it'll fit in your TV unit. The Xbox Series X will be 301 x 151 x 151mm, making it vastly smaller and slicker in build compared to the launch version of the Xbox One. 

The news was originally revealed in a humorous Tweet from Xbox comparing the Xbox Series X to a fridge (news flash: the console is a fair bit smaller, but - sadly - isn't capable of keeping food cold), as just one more piece of information part of another next-gen news blowout from Microsoft. 

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Previous images and trailers of the Xbox Series X allowed eagle-eyed users to make smart estimations about the console's height, width, and density, but this specific numbers finally let us determine whether our TV cabinets are big enough for the upcoming platform, which is scheduled to release on November 10.

Thankfully, you'll be able to either have the console sat upwards or laying down, depending on your gaming set-up, ensuring there should be enough room for it despite its beefier depth. 

In other news, Microsoft also showed off the Xbox Series X loading times in a new trailer comparing it to that of the Xbox One X. Spoilers; It's quite impressive. 

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