Xbox Series X restocks are still slow, but Target may be your best bet

Xbox Series X restock
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The first two weeks of February have been dry for Xbox Series X restocks, with the majority of retailers not even showing suggestions of a possible drop. Last week we did see Target hold an online and in-store drop, which sold out immediately; however, rumours suggest that some locations will have some Xbox Series X stock available. 

We suggest checking in with any of your local stores if you're still on the search for an Xbox Series X restock this week. Target is the only huge retailer so far this month to offer more consoles, and they have been consistent with their restocks in the past, which means we'd definitely keep an eye on them for another chance. 

Buyers were also able to find Xbox Series X restocks via Best Buy last week - using the 'Toggle Trick' which allowed gamers to swoop in on cancelled orders. However, Best Buy hasn't had any official restocks since January. The app hack might currently be the only way for people to get their hands on any Series X stock, but considering Best Buy usually restocks every other week we could hopefully see some new stock coming in soon.

Meanwhile, Walmart still has their Xbox All Access offer still going if you're in a position to pay monthly with a line of credit. For $34.99 a month (over the course of two years), you're able to get an Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass. Asda is also making the same offer for £28.99 a month for UK residents. With Xbox Game Pass included, this might be an offer worth checking out as having the subscription allows you to play massive games on launch.

Speculation still suggests that Amazon may hold an Xbox Series X restock towards the end of the month, if previous timelines ring true. That means we'd recommend keeping an eye on Amazon next week for any unexpected drops.

And lastly, Microsoft still has their invitation-only registration of those of you feeling lucky. You can sign up for a possible invite for a Series X and build your bundle. Microsoft was regularly sending out invitations up until recently, but with registration still open, they might be a possibility that a restock is underway.

Previous Xbox Series X restock dates

How to find Xbox Series X restocks

Trying to find an Xbox Series X restock has not been an easy journey for many, but there is still hope even if we're currently in a drought. Here are some of our expert tips on tracking new consoles down. 

1. Sign up for rewards programs
We’d definitely suggest signing up for registrations, mailing lists and possible subscriptions if it's within your budget. Many retailers exclusively offer their restocks to customers who have a subscription with them, so it might be worth looking into Walmart Plus and Best Buy Total Tech, for example.

2. Sign in ahead of time
Securing an Xbox Series X restock requires a little planning and preparation. Make sure you're signed into all the retailers you're watching and save your payment and shipping details ahead of time. We see so many consoles leaping from carts during the checkout process, simply because buyers are taking a few too many seconds to complete their order. It pays to breeze through checkout, so take early steps to make the whole process as fast as possible.

3. Keep pushing
When the time does come, refresh any tabs that display 'out of stock' messages and keep hammering to get through to checkout. This is an exercise in speed, yes, but also brute force. Just make sure you've only cornered one console in your cart when it comes time to pay up.

4. Don't give up
Lastly, don't give up and don't go to a third party reseller. Stock will come and go, so be patient and you’ll find one.

If you manage to speed through checkout in today's Xbox Series X restock, it's well worth checking out all the latest Xbox Series X deals on gear. We're rounding up the best Xbox Series X accessories and all the best Xbox Game Pass deals to get you started.

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