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Xbox Series X launch will involve Xbox All Access payment plan

(Image credit: Microsoft)

When the Xbox Series X launches later this year, you might be saving up for the big purchase, but there will almost certainly be another option: the Xbox All Access payment option.

The subscription service launched in 2018 and currently includes an Xbox One S or Xbox One X console, and 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate (which includes Xbox Live Gold).

Speaking during the Game Lab Live keynote (via (opens in new tab)), Xbox head Phil Spencer all but confirmed the Xbox Series X launch will be supported by the monthly subscription service. "Xbox All Access is going to be critical to both our launch for Xbox Series X as well as just the overall generation," Spencer said.

From the sound of it, Xbox is looking to emphasize the All Access platform more generally going into the next console generation. "The response that we've seen where we've tested All Access has been great, but as you said, it's been limited in terms of the market. So you're going to see a much broader market and retailer support for All Access," Spencer continued.

It's no big surprise, really, but it's reassuring to know some of us more budget-minded shoppers will have options come holiday launch season. On the Xbox All Access website, you'll see the option is already available to upgrade your current plan to include the Xbox Series X after so many payments. Now, it's seemingly confirmed the plan will be available at console launch.

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Jordan Gerblick
Jordan Gerblick

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