Xbox Series X accessories include new controller colors and an upgraded rechargeable battery

(Image credit: Xbox)

Xbox revealed a new batch of accessories and controllers for Xbox Series X today, and the headliner is a new controller color variant.

The upgraded Xbox wireless controller will offer a Shock Blue theme when it arrives this November. With a blue base, black shoulders, and white back, this variant pops out from the typical Carbon Black and Robot White. These controllers will be available bundled with either a Windows 10 wireless adapter or a USB-C cable, and new controllers will go for $59.99, just like the current lineup. You can learn more about the Xbox Series X controller in this breakdown from March, which goes into everything from improved material textures to expanded functionality.

(Image credit: Xbox)

Speaking of USB-C: the next-gen Xbox controller has its own rechargeable battery using the same cable, and Microsoft reckons it can be fully charged in four hours. The battery will be sold separately for $24.99, and both it and the new controllers will be released alongside the Series X and Series S on November 10. 

If black, white, and blue aren't enough for you, you'll get access to new controller variants in 2021 through the retooled Xbox Design Lab. Microsoft says it's taking the customization program offline on October 14, but it will return in 2021 with new features. As such, the company encourages prospective controller customizers to lock in orders by October 13. 

Xbox Series X pre-orders start tomorrow, September 22. Here's everything you need to know to reserve a system at a fair price.  

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