Xbox Series S Quick Resume trailer shows how fast you can switch between games

Microsoft has released a video showing how its next-gen Quick Resume function works on the Xbox Series S. From the looks of it, Quick Resume seems to work just as fast on the Xbox Series S as it does on its bigger, more powerful sibling, the Xbox Series X.

For the uninitiated, the Quick Resume function is available on both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S, and it essentially lets you switch between games and other applications seamlessly. Leaving a game is as easy as backing into the main menu, which leaves the game in a suspended state automatically. Then you can switch to another suspended game or open up a separate application with very little load time. 

It isn't clear how many games you can keep in a suspended state at once, but I'd imagine it varies based on the size of the game. Considering the beefier insides in the Xbox Series X, it's possible Quick Resume can handle more games at once on the more powerful console. That said, Reddit sleuth kftgr2 worked out the math, and using what sounds like educated theorizing, posits the Xbox Series S could actually use its smaller memory footprint to create up to "50% faster" loads than the Xbox Series X.

As we near the dawn of next-gen, both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are going up for pre-order very soon. And considering there's almost always a supply shortage, it's best to check the big retailers as soon as pre-orders open on September 22 at 8am PT.

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Jordan Gerblick

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