Xbox One fan feedback update adds custom icons, one-button sign-in, co-op streaming, and more

Xbox owners, did you just feel a shiver go down your spine? Well that's because an update rolling out today is adding (among other things) the ability to use custom pictures are your Gamertag icon, and deep down you know that there's no way this will end without someone getting suspended for exposing their genitals. Either that or you have the AC on too high.

Along with custom Gamerpics, the update adds co-op streaming, controller sign-in, and expanded options with the Xbox app on iOS and Android - all additions that Microsoft says are based on fan feedback. The ability to use custom Gamerpics is pretty self-explanatory (just go to your profile on console, PC, or the Xbox app and customize it with whatever pic you want), but let's run down the other new features real quick:

Co-op streaming is handled via Mixer, Microsoft's proprietary streaming service. Up to four player can join in and be part of a single stream, which will give those who tune in a multi-view experience. Just go to the player profile belonging to the person you want to stream with and select "Invite to co-stream." Or, form a party beforehand and invite the entire group to a co-stream.

Do you have a controller that you always go for whenever multiplayer comes up? A gamepad close to your heart that you consider sacred and one which no one else must use? Well good news, you'll be able to assign that controller to your profile, so that every time you turn it on, you're instantly signed in. Go to your console's settings menu, choose "Sign-in, security & passkey," select "This controller signs in," and lastly, choose "Link controller."

Lastly, if you have the Xbox app on your iOS or Android device, you're getting some increased functionality as well. From the app, you can now create and share Looking For Group postings to your Activity Feed and via Messages. In other words, you won't need to be glued to your TV while you're waiting for someone to complete that Destiny raid - you'll be able to coordinate it all from your phone. Android users get the bonus of being able to still receive and interact with Xbox chat messages while using their phone without having to jump back and forth between apps.

Sam Prell

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