Xbox Gamescom showcase confirmed with "in-depth updates" on previously-announced games

Fable 4 teaser trailer
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox has announced that it will be holding a Gamescom 2021 presentation .

The announcement came earlier today from the Xbox UK Twitter account. As per the tweet, Xbox will be presenting a special showcase at Gamescom 2021 later this month on August 24, kicking off at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET/6 p.m. BST.

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The showcase promises "in-depth updates from some of our previously announced Xbox Game Studios titles alongside some of our third-party partners." This means that the Xbox presentation at Gamescom is going to focus entirely on games that we've already heard about.

However, it would seem like there's room for unannounced third-party games to appear at the showcase. Xbox's statement about the showcase only revealing information about previously-announced games appears to only pertain to its Xbox Game Studios titles, and not the third-party games.

So, what could we see at the showcase itself? By all accounts, Xbox had a pretty blockbuster showcase earlier this year in June for E3 2021, rolling out the likes of Redfall by Arkane and Starfield by Bethesda Game Studios, as well as third-party games like Battlefield 2042. It seems likely that those games might rear their heads again, but could we finally be in for an update on the likes of the Fable 4? We'll have to wait and see until later this month to find out for sure.

For a full guide to all the games confirmed to be arriving on Xbox consoles at some point in the future, you can head over to our full upcoming Xbox Series X games feature for more.

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