Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gets 5 racing games this month from EA and Codemasters

Dirt Rally
(Image credit: Codemasters)

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is about to get an instant infusion of racing games thanks to EA and Codemasters.

Here are the five Codemasters games coming to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on console starting on August 10, representing three different racing franchises building upon what is arguably one of the best deals in video games as a whole right now.

Some of these titles and franchises have appeared on Game Pass before - for instance, you can start downloading and playing Dirt 5 on either PC or console right now - but with this new arrangement between Codemasters, EA, and Microsoft, it's likely they'll stick around for a while. Since EA Play is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, every EA Play title is also an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate title. And since EA completed its acquisition of venerable game company Codemasters back in February, it makes sense that EA would also bring more highlights from Codemaster's venerable portfolio of racing games to its own subscription service. 

Back before EA officially picked up Codemasters, it said the acquisition could allow the company to "release new racing games each year". F1 2021 was the first fruit of that arrangement when it arrived in July, helping to pre-emptively fill a gap in EA's portfolio as the company pushed the next Need for Speed back by a year to free up more development resources for Battlefield 2042.

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