F1 2020 gameplay trailer confirms F2 is returning

A new F1 2020 gameplay trailer has debuted, giving us our biggest look yet at this years's instalment of the racing sim. 

Featuring a tonne of familiar faces and cars, the trailer also confirms that F2 will be returning to the game this year, should you fancy working your way up to motorsport's premier competition. Check out the full trailer below.

A press release confirms that F2 will be fully integrated into this year's career mode, allowing players the chance for their F2 season to be a "full, half-season and three-race challenge options", so they can get as much practice as they want before heading into F1. 

It's also been confirmed that the 2019 F2 season will be included with the game, with the 2020 season coming as a free update later this year. 

On top of that, 16 classic F1 cars have been confirmed for the game, which are: 


  • 2010 Red Bull RB6 
  • 2010 Ferrari F10 
  • 2009 Brawn BGP 001 
  • 2008 McLaren MP4 –23 
  • 2007 Ferrari F2007 
  • 2006 Renault R26 
  • 2004 Ferrari F2004 
  • 2003 Williams FW25 
  • 1998 McLaren MP4-13 
  • 1996 Williams FW18 
  • 1992 Williams FW14 
  • 1991 McLaren MP4/6 
  • 1990 Ferrari 641 
  • 1990 McLaren MP4/5B
  • (1988) McLaren MP4/4

(Image credit: Codemasters)

The other good news is that you won't have to wait too long to start your engines. F1 2020 is set to go on July 10 2020, and will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. Considering that we reckon F1 2019 is one of the best sports games you can currently play, we can't wait to see where F1 2020 takes the series. 

On June 6th, you'll be able to join us for a look at what to expect from gaming over the coming years. Find out more about the Future Games Show here. 

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