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"Xbox FanFest" coming to Gamescom instead of Microsoft press conference

Don't expect a big-time presentation from Microsoft at Gamescom this year. In lieu of its usual press conference, Microsoft has announced (opens in new tab) it will host "Xbox FanFest". The company isn't sharing many details, so there may still be some sort of stage show and list of announcements, but right now what we know is that FanFest will be a public-oriented event with opportunities for Xbox fans to get their hands on upcoming games.

Despite the outward similarities, this isn't quite like when EA dropped out of E3 (opens in new tab) to host its own EA Play event. Microsoft will still be on the showfloor, and it's bringing games like Gears of War 4 (opens in new tab), Forza Horizon 3 (opens in new tab), Halo Wars 2 (opens in new tab), ReCore (opens in new tab), Sea of Thieves (opens in new tab), We Happy Few (opens in new tab), Everspace, and Cuphead (opens in new tab) with it.

Hope you're all recovered from E3 2016 (opens in new tab), since Gamescom is happening in just over a month, from August 17 - 21. You know what they say: Ain't no party like a games industry convention party, because seriously, there are a lot of them.

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