Xbox app update introduces custom gamerpics and group chats

Xbox App
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New things are on the way for the Xbox app. An update is now available for the app in the wake of the initial release of the Xbox Series X, and players have much to look forward to in the way of new features. Here's the skinny some of the biggest stuff that's available in the new app update:

Players will now have the ability to use custom gamerpics via the app. This means your gamerpic can be set with images from your phone or directly from the Xbox library. You can access this feature by simply tapping your gamerpic in the app's profile tab.

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There are also going to be improvements to the chat feature. This update will now support message requests, and the creation of group chats is now possible. To make a group chat, all you'll have to do is select multiple friends when starting a conversation and you'll have your next great gaming friend group all set up and ready to keep in touch easy peasy.

Finally, players will be able to view and manage all of their games remotely with the new update. This will include the full Game Pass catalog. The new games section can be found in the "my library" tab in the app. Elsewhere, the update also includes the traditional bug fixes, notably taking care of some issues that users have reported as causing the app to crash. 

The Xbox app continues to be a vital piece of the Xbox experience, and now players can look forward to an expansion of what's available at their fingertips.

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