Xbox 360 HD DVD player - we weigh in

Does it look better than DVD?

Unequestionably. But you need an HDTV to get the benefit. Though it supports the maximum resolution of 1080p, most current HDTVs are 720p. But even that resolution is a massive leap over standard definition TVs, and the 360 HDTV player looks fantastic on those sets, too. For best results, you should purchase the VGA cable from Microsoft - for another $40.

So, is it time to buy?

Whether or not you make the leap really depends on whether you have the right equipment: crucially, an HDTV. But you should also think about whether you're interested in waiting for this format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD to play out before you make a decision.

With most HD DVD titles running $20 at, though, it's not tough to get tempted. Bear in mind, however, that not every movie studio has signed on to produce titles for the format - two notables include Sony (of course, but remember Spider-Man is a Sony series) and Disney, though we expect Disney to support HD DVD if it gets popular enough. In short: it's much too early to call this fight. We can tell you that both next generation DVD formats look amazing on HDTVs; in fact, we can't tell the difference, so the war won't be won that way. However, if you're eager to make the leap, the 360 HD DVD player is as good a way as any.