Xbox 360 HD DVD player - we weigh in

The next generation console wars aren't just about which game system is going to rock. The same thing's happening over on the video side, and Sony and Microsoft have picked opposite sides there, too. Funny how these things work.

Just in time for the PS3's launch (with Blu-ray, the other HD movie format, in the box), Microsoft has kicked out an HD DVD player for the Xbox 360. For a mere $200- when most stand-alone players are in the $500 range- you can upgrade your Xbox 360 into a high definition movie monster.

Is the player worth even that much? Is it easy to set up? Does it work well? Do you even want HD DVD? We're going to take a look at these simple questions- so strap in. We've had our player for several days now and put it through the paces, and we've reached our conclusions. Once you see HD DVD on an HDTV, you'll begin to understand what you've been missing.