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X-Men title and team will be "hugely impacted" by 'X of Swords'

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Marvel Comics is setting up some big status quo changes for the 'Dawn of X' X-Men line following the current 'X of Swords' line-wide crossover, particularly signaling that the main X-Men core title will undergo some evolution following the events of 'X of Swords.'

Though he stopped short of revealing any specific character changes to come, X-Men line editor Jordan D. White says that the biggest changes will come to the core X-Men team and title itself.

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"One thing I can say, the X-Men proper as a team, is going to be hugely impacted by this," states White in New York Comic-Con's MetaVerse 'X of Swords' online panel.

"That's definitely the biggest thing that's gonna come out of this – the X-Men team itself is very affected," he continues. "And if you think really hard about the X-Men team in the 'Dawn of X' era, that may raise some questions for you."

That seems to point to potential changes for Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men. Since the title relaunched with 'Dawn of X,' X-Men has focused on Cyclops as he leads the team, recruiting various mutants from around Krakoa based on the mission at hand, with no set core roster.

With that in mind, White may be signaling a major shake-up to Scott Summers' status quo in 'X of Swords' – and given what we know about the stakes of 'X of Swords,' his fate might be clear. When mutants die in the Otherworld, they can still be resurrected on Krakoa – but the interdimensional nature of the Otherworld means when they return, their personality and memories could be gone, or even overwritten by a version of themself from another world in the multiverse.

Could Cyclops be about to undergo a personality crisis?

If so, that would seriously alter both the X-Men as a team and the environment of Krakoa. With no field leader, the X-Men would need a replacement. And Scott's web of romantic entanglements, including Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and possibly even Wolverine, would be deeply affected.

White has also been pointing to a major 2021 story for Storm, one of the mutants who will wield one of ten swords in the 'X of Swords' conflict. This could mean Storm may be the one to die and come back a different person – or it could mean that she'll take Cyclops's place at the head of the team. After all, she's been a leader of the X-Men many times before.

'X of Swords' is currently underway, with three more chapters arriving on October 14.

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