Check out all 10 covers to Inferno #4, the end of an X-Men era

Inferno #4 covers
Inferno #4 covers (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The Jonathan Hickman era of Marvel Comics' X-Men franchise comes to a close after more than two years in January 2022 with Inferno #4, the Valerio Schiti-illustrated climactic finale of the limited series that according to the publisher put some of the biggest mysteries surrounding the mutant corner of the Marvel Universe to rest.

Marvel has released all 10 covers to the issue, including the main cover is by Jerome Opeña (see below) with variant covers by Pepe Larraz, Oscar Vega, Iban Coello, Davi Go, Peach Momoko, Jeff Dekal, and David Baldeón, plus a 'foreshadow' variant cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, and a 'Hidden Gem' variant cover by Udon.

Check them all out here: 

Inferno #4 main cover by Jerome Opeña (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

In January 5's Inferno #4 the publisher promises readers will see the resolution to Mystique's quest to be reunited with her wife Destiny, and get more revelations from the past lives of Moira MacTaggert, learn untold secrets behind the founding of Krakoa, and more all while Nimrod makes his final move.

In Newsarama's review of Inferno #1, Pierce Lydon commended Hickman for his follow-through in the plotlines he's been setting up since 2019. 

"Inferno follows in House of X/Powers of X's footsteps as the next big plateau in Hickman's vision for the X-Men. It's another watershed moment, and even though it's basically a fastball thrown middle-middle, and we know it's coming, he still manages to blow us away. 

"In a medium where details and plot threads are teased forever and then forgotten or executed completely differently than they might have been originally intended, it's exciting to get some follow-through. 

"And for X-Men fans, that's especially exciting, given the line's historical penchant for rewriting things whole cloth as plans and personnel have changed. Somehow Inferno already feels as important as HoX/PoX. But in a way, much like the closing moments of this book, maybe that was always its destiny."

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