X-Cellent news: Milligan and Allred still working on X-Statix spin-off title

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Writer Peter Milligan has offered an update (opens in new tab) on his planned X-Statix spin-off series X-Cellent with artist Mike Allred, which reunites the creators for a follow-up to the cult classic series from the early '00s. Announced in July 2019 following a Giant-Size X-Statix #1 one-shot, X-Cellent brings together both the creators and characters of the original X-Statix series for an all-new adventure. However, no update on when the series might debut has been offered – until now.

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"It's coming, we're working on it," Milligan tweeted in response to a fan question about the series. The writer offered no further details in his tweet.

Marvel's 'Dawn of X' X-Men line includes multiple planned and announced titles that have yet to release or be announced. Marvel's X-Men group editor Jordan D. White recently told Newsarama plans for some of those series have changed.

"Well, like I said, the plan is very agile and shifts with circumstances. A number of our plans changed between our X-Summit and now based on the hugely shifting circumstances of the world, the industry, our company, and our creators," White previously told (opens in new tab) Newsarama of the unreleased 'Dawn of X' titles. "There are books that were going to happen that are not going to happen now… and books that didn't exist that now will. I don’t think it's too crazy to say a global crisis shifted some of our plans."

Milligan's comment indicates that X-Cellent is still on the horizon – perhaps after the upcoming 'X of Swords' line-wide crossover.

"No dust ever settled as these characters have been running through our heads nonstop, despite being hidden away from the public," Allred told Newsarama in April 2019, before X-Cellent was announced. "There’s a natural progression that makes everything that came before feel like an epic preamble. There are beautiful little seeds that were planted in our original run that are blooming gloriously in a way beyond what I could have hoped."

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