WWE 13 - 12 Attitude Era moments we want in the game, and 5 we hope are forgotten

October's WWE 13 isn't just intended to satisfy current wrestling fans. The pro wrestling game contains a massive tribute to the Attitude Era, the time in the late 1990s when WWE was WWF and they were pushing the envelope with incredibly popular, raunchy content. We've already seen that the game recreates such moments as Stone Cold Steve Austin's WrestleMania XIV win and Mankind's brutal fall off the top of Hell in a Cell, but Attitude was so much more than that. We picked out the stories we hope to see WWE 13 recreate in Attitude mode, along with a few feuds we hope to never see again. And if you're not down with that, we've got two words for ya...

DX invades WCW

Back when WWF and WCW were trading blows weekly during the Monday Night Wars, fun-loving, immature bad boys Degeneration X declared war on Monday Nitro. Invading WCW's Nitro taping and its home base in Atlanta, GA was great TV at the time, but ultimately amounted to little more than hurling insults from across the street. If the moment is recreated in the game, maybe it can be reimagined as a literal invasion, with HHH and X-Pac storming the front door while the New Age Outlaws use that tank to cause collateral damage for Ted Turner's baby.

Mankind becomes WWF Champion

Any world title change on Raw will become a major moment, but when Mankind took the gold in the first week of 1999 it was more than just a new champion being crowned. It was the fulfillment of a lifelong goal for Mick Foley after years of being dismissed as not ready for the main event. Though Stone Cold was firmly the top star in those days, Mankind's championship win over The Rock elevated him to stardom. Here's hoping that magical moment, including the electrifying cameo by Steve Austin, is included in the game.

Raw is Jericho!

For smart fans, Chris Jericho's smarmy bad guy was one of the top reasons to watch WCW. Jericho was one of the funniest heels on Nitro, but WCW gave him virtually no support. When he switched to the competition, he exploded onto the WWF stage with an unforgettable promo, trading insults with The Rock on live TV. It took some time before Chris was firmly in the main event, but that night the world seemed to belong to Jericho, something we'd love to relive in WWE 13.

Kane vs Pete Rose

The Attitude Era is filled with intense rivalries, but none were as oddly compelling as Kane vs Pete Rose. At three WrestleManias in a row, Pete Rose appeared alongside Kane, and ultimately The Big Red Machine would attack the Cincinnati Red. It became a bit of a tradition and granted some levity to the usually dark character of Kane. Though Rose may never be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, Kane inducted Rose into the WWE Hall of Fame, this time without attacking him. Rose would make some great DLC for WWE 13, especially if he has an optional San Diego Chicken costume.

Right to Censor

Though it didn't lead to many great matches, having the Right To Censor storyline in WWE 13 would at least give you a good idea of the Attitude Era's effect on pop culture. RTC was a parody of the Parents Television Council, a group that called for a boycott of WWF's raunchy programming. RTC took dirty characters like porn star Val Venis and The Godfather, transforming them into morally superior superstars. It would work as a fun throwback to a very different time in WWE history.

Rock, this is your life

Once The Rock stopped being the Corporate Champion and switched back to being the People's Champ, the fan favorite teamed up with his former enemy Mankind. Pairing Rocky with goofball Mankind seemed strange at first, but the two ended up having great chemistry as the tag team Rock 'n Sock Connection. The moment that crystallized their relationship was when Mankind gave tribute to Rock in a "This is Your Life" trip down memory lane. Mankind called out former friends, girlfriends, and teachers, all of whom Rock told off in hilarious fashion. One of the highest rated moments in Raw history, this was some of the best live TV of all time.

The Montreal Screwjob

A defining moment of the early Attitude Era, this was a night that changed wrestling forever. In planning his scripted final match, Bret Hart didn't want to lose the WWF title in Canada to his backstage nemesis Shawn Michaels. Despite agreeing on Bret retaining the title as the planned finish, Vince McMahon had other plans. Tricked into losing when he didn't submit, Bret said he was betrayed, while Vince proclaimed that "Bret screwed Bret." It made Vince the most hated man in the WWF, something he parlayed into the epic Austin/McMahon feud. Likely to be appear in some form in WWE 13, it would be interesting to play as either superstar, or even as referee Earl Hebner. He had promised he'd watch out for Bret and instead called the end to the match when Bret was least expecting it.

Bret Hart vs Austin at WrestleMania 13

It's hard to pick one moment that defines the start of the Attitude Era, but this match at WM13 should be on the short list. A submission match between old school hero Bret Hart and nasty bad guy Steve Austin ended with a total role reversal. Bret looked like the whiny jerk while Austin, bleeding profusely and choosing to pass out from pain rather than quit, was now the tough-as-nails hero. Fans had already been cheering Austin, but this is the match that finally put him on the path to becoming a legend.

Mankind is given the Hardcore Championship

Whether known as Cactus Jack, Mankind, or Dude Love, one thing united the three faces of Mick Foley: taking insane amounts of damage. All were hardcore icons, taking brutal chair shots, falling off cages, and hitting the cold, hard concrete. So it was fitting when Vince bestowed upon Mankind the Hardcore Championship. Meant as a joke and patched together from an old WWF belt that Mr. Perfect destroyed, Mankind elevated it to a real title that became a constant of the Attitude Era. Since Mankind and Boss Man, the first two Hardcore champs, are in WWE 13's roster, hopefully we'll see their inaugural feud.

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