WoW Wrath Classic's lack of dungeon finder is going as well as you'd expect

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World of Warcraft fans have tried Wrath Classic without the random dungeon finder tool, and they want it back. 

One of the big talking points of WoW Classic’s Wrath of the Lich King reveal earlier this year was that the dungeon finder tool wouldn’t be arriving with the reimagined servers. Some fans saw the value of socialising more to form groups, though many saw the quality-of-life feature’s removal as bothersome. Fans have now given Wrath Classic a go and mostly remain unmoved. 

Twitter is seeing no shortage of World of Warcraft fans calling for the dungeon finder’s return, though there’s a bit more discussion on Reddit. One fan posts that they were denied entry into a group as they didn’t have some of the top-tier gear – even though Wrath Classic has only just been released. Had the random dungeon finder tool been available, they could have been instanced into a group with other randoms looking to complete the same activity. 

Looking at the comments, some players report going through something similar, while others suggest turning to questing for a more enjoyable experience at the expense of rushing to level up and be raid ready. 

If you’ve been out of the loop, Blizzard initially explained that Wrath Classic doesn’t have the dungeon finder tool as it’s "not a good fit for our community." Instead, the team wants to push toward the social aspect of the MMO genre by encouraging players to interact with each other. While Wrath Classic does feature a revamped ‘Looking for Group’ tool, though, it looks like are choosing to simply quest instead.

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