Worth it? Check these cool, pricey video game art prints

Do you love video games? Duh! Do you want to celebrate your hobby, without filling your home full of nerdy figurines and plushies that might repel potential friends / partners / victims? Then you need one of these classy art prints from Cook and Becker. Like a good butler, these prints politely suggest sophistication without getting too showy and garish. However, to continue the good butler metaphor, they're also quite expensive, and available in limited numbers.

Still, imagine having one of these limited edition prints hanging on your wall. There are all kinds of games available, from Journey to Street Fighter, Mirror's Edge to The Last of Us. And they're all really nice. You know how a lot of video game art is a bit guff, because it's all men-with-guns and weird tit-witches? Everything here is bold, understated, and actually belongs on a wall with other bits of art.

The only real problem is the price. Cook and Becker is a bit cheeky because it's only when you get to the check-out that you add stuff like VAT or tax. And then there's framing. So the price you actually pay is more than you initially think. Is it worth it? Umm... maybe. If you've got plenty of cash in your account, and a yen for something with a touch of class, then: yes. Also, hands off this Mirror's Edge print--it's mine!

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Andy Hartup