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The worst box art of 2013

5. Green City 2

There is only one way you can buy this game as an adult male: if you are accompanied by your daughter. Otherwise, Chris Hansen will be standing directly behind you when you turn away from the register. Nice try, dirtbag.

4. Chipper & Sons Lumber Co.

Move over, Animal Crossing--these Chuck E. Cheese-looking mofos are here to show you how to really water flowers and chop down trees.

3. Doodle Jump Adventures

Let's say I've never played Doodle Jump (which, truthfully, I haven't). And let's also theorize that I have no emotional attachment to this woefully minimal watercolor creature with a lazy eye (which, again, I do not). That essentially means that this is one of the laziest box arts imaginable, offering people like me literally no reason to give a second glance in this box's direction, let alone spend $29.99 on a $0.99 game. It's the modern-day equivalent of those piss-poor Mega Cartridge boxes.

2. Putty Squad

Because nothing highlights the power of next-gen hardware like CGI from 1994.

1. Zoo Park

This looks marginally better than a 5th grader's drawing. Either the artist decided to depict one of the rarest tigers to ever live with heterochromia iridum, or somebody done goofed and painted those eyes in wrong. Also, what better way to show off your animal sanctuary than in-game shots of a burger shack and restroom on the cover? AND OH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT GIRAFFE'S FACE?!? It looks like it was dropped repeatedly on its head as a newborn, which is astounding because giraffes can't carry their young.

"HEY YOU GUYYYYS!" -the giraffe from The Goonies

Don't (always) judge a game by its cover

Those are the 50 biggest stinkers from 2013's wide array of box art. Think we were too hard on some? Perhaps others, like The Smurfs 2 (above) narrowly escaped humiliation? It's a tell-all in the comments below.

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