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The worst box art of 2013


Oh. I guess unexplained giant baby heads are an actual running joke on an actual Disney Channel show.

22. Blood Knights

We've heard of using photo manipulation to hide any the imperfections or wrinkles, but that poor woman's chest has been polished to the point of reflecting light. And dammit, who left the red smoke machine on again? That's the fifth time this week; people are going to think we're hotboxing 24/7 in here. Which, let's face it, we are.

21. Injustice: Gods Among Us

It's true: people love The Joker. Doesn't mean you should stick him front and center on the cover of your game, with a garish, buck-toothed grin that completely overshadows the actual superhero fight happening underneath. And we don't care how well-prepared Batman is--the Dark Knight's pretty much just dead if Superman's shooting eye-lasers at his face.

20. Lego Friends

Am I going insane? Or is there NOTHING WHATSOEVER in this image that has any resemblance to Legos? The longer I stare, searching anywhere for a hint of plastic bricks, the more I feel myself slipping into madness.

19. MUD: FIM Motocross World Championship

Ryan "Doe-Eyed" Villopoto was once an ordinary dirtbiker, content with catching mad air on some gnarly tracks. But on one fateful day, Villopoto made the mistake of racing through a government test site for nuclear bombs. The latent radiation wreaked havoc on Villopoto's DNA, causing his body's structural integrity to collapse and meld with the muddy ground beneath him. Now, he terrorizes innocent motocross competitors by bursting forth from the dirt road, disrupting the race with his huge, vacantly staring head. In some ways, that's more sinister than anything Clayface or Sandman ever did.

18. Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live: Kira Kira My * Design

MY EYES! IT'S LIKE SOMEONE PUT GLITTER IN MY CONTACT LENSES! IT'S LIKE MY CORNEAS ARE BEING DIPPED IN TIE-DYE! I'll do anything you anime songstresses tell me--just please, make the psychedelic, eye-searingly dazzling torture stop.

17. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Soccer fans might see a well-lit stadium on game night. I see an aerial view of a hostile mothership about to go Independence Day on the city below. And can someone explain those 13 stars randomly placed above the logo? Is it a soccer thing I don't get? If it is, I'm sorry and I'll delete this but right now I'm super confused.

16. Wipeout: Create & Crash

Another year, another repulsive looking subhuman on the cover of a Wipeout game. If that water were recolored to look like lava, this would probably be a fairly accurate depiction of Gollum seconds before he landed in the fires of Mount Doom.