World’s most expensive controller is an Xbox Series X controller made from solid gold

xbox series x controller series s

A YouTube channel has constructed an Xbox controller made from solid gold, which is apparently the most expensive custom controller ever made.

This comes from YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips (thanks, VGC), who has constructed the solid gold Xbox controller from a Canadian company called Expert Casting. It's said that the Xbox controller is made up of 1.5kg of 18-karat gold, and cost around $87,500 to make.

It's been so expensive to make, that apparently the YouTube channel is still working to pay off the project. In the previously-linked video, you can see members of the wider Linus Media team reacting to the solid gold Xbox controller, which is apparently really heavy. Best of luck with those all-night Halo sessions...  

In other Xbox controller-related news, Microsoft has recently pledged to look into a fault with the Xbox Series X controller that's been affecting a number of users. Apparently, the controller for the more expensive next-gen console would periodically disconnect, as well as refuse to recognize button inputs for a short space of time. Here's hoping Xbox can provide a relatively quick fix for those affected.

Back in January 2021, Xbox announced that the disconnection issue with Xbox Series X controllers would be resolved in the next software update. Sadly, we can't imagine Microsoft can patch out the weight issue with this golden controller. 

If you're still trying to get your hands on Microsoft's more powerful next-gen console, head over to our Xbox Series X deals guide for more.

Hirun Cryer

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