World Snooker Championship 2007 review

Can this next-gen snooker title walk away with a big break? Find out inside


  • John Virgo commentary
  • Trickshot championship
  • 10 official snooker tournaments


  • We've seen it all before
  • Not really all that exciting
  • Decidedly unglamorous

All the 'thrills' of snooker have been perfectly-recreated in this sim, including genuine John Virgo commentary (calm down there, ladies) and that theme music.

All good then, but there's something decidedly unglamorous about the sport and on PS3, despite the shiny HD balls, isn't really all that exciting. The physics are spot on and it's as good as snooker games get, but we've seen it all before.

More Info

DescriptionLatest update of the competent snooker and pool sim
PlatformPS2, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360
Release date12 January 2007 (US), 12 January 2007 (UK)