World of Warcraft player uses Dragonflight bug to raise army of 300 dogs and absolutely rout the Horde

A World of Warcraft player running through a summery field with 300 Bakar
(Image credit: Blizzard)

A World of Warcraft player has stumbled across a Dragonflight quest bug that lets you swiftly breed all the Bakar your heart could desire, leading to shenanigans aplenty. 

YouTuber Rextroy explains that they discovered the glitch while playing the Part of a Pack quest over on the Ohn'ahran Plains, which tasks you with hunting a drake while accompanied by a borrowed pack of hunting Bakar. It turns out, though, that the size of that pup posse is more flexible than intended, as the debuff designed to limit how many you summon can be removed with the right ability. 

You can summon more Bakar than Rextroy went for, though the doggos start despawning if you call too many too quickly, so keep that excitement in check. 

Anyway, freshly armed with a 300-strong pack of hunting pups at their beck and call, Rextroy then decided to launch an assault on the surrounding Horde. The invasion ended up being more of an inconvenience for the faction, though, as another bug limited each Bakar's output to one-to-two damage points. Not ideal, though they could still use Taunt, so not all was lost. 

Keen to make the most of their time, Rextroy then left the Horde alone to show the colossal pack of hunting dogs off to their guild before taking them all on a walk to the capital of the Dragon Isles, Valdrakken. It's all quite wholesome until it isn't. Rather than despawning after 10 minutes, each keels over and dies. Seeing one doggo lost to time is upsetting enough, never mind 300 of them.

People are currently having a blast with World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, mainly because it’s not Shadowlands. The story is simple yet effective, dragon flight is just as fun as we hoped, and there are lots of silly bits like a centaur-only dating club. Even Stranger Things star David Harbour is getting in on it. 

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