WoW Dragonflight's most exclusive new area is a centaur-only dating club

A centaur from World of Warcraft and Hearthstone
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World of Warcraft Dragonflight is here, and its attention to detail is impressing players - even when it comes to such mundane things as centaur-only dating clubs.

In the Ohn'ahran Plains region of the Dragon Isles, between Shady Sanctuary and Nokhudon Hold, you'll find a bar populated exclusively by centaurs. If you try to enter, the apparent proprietor Quadra will shout "four legs only! Out!"

Now, if you're a Druid, you might be tempted to transform into animal form and sneak in. Quadra will then tell you "nice try. Four legs and two arms. Please leave." There is, however, a dead goblin with a centaur costume slightly north of the club that you can use to sneak in and talk to the patrons.

i_found_a_dating_club_for_taurs_they_wouldnt_let from r/wow

It's a throwaway gag, but players have been finding the attention to detail in Dragonflight pretty impressive - that kind of unique dialog has not been common for WoW. Players have been finding unique dialog based on their chosen race and class - there's even a side quest in the expansion's first area that's exclusive to Rogues.

Dragonflight players have so far found it to be a step up from recent WoW expansions, particularly when it comes to the writing. A centaur dating club won't make or break a game, but dozens of little details like that are adding up to make the Dragon Isles feel like a more believable, lived-in place.

Meanwhile, players are racing to the new level cap, and one utterly mad group managed to hit Dragonflight's max level in just three hours. You don't even need to give up your life to no-life WoW anymore, I guess.

Dustin Bailey
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