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6)Waa! It’s the worst accessory ever!

We’ve seen some dodgy add-ons for the Wii remote, but this has to be the most useless item ever created. It’s perfect for all those Wii flight sims. You plug the remote and Nunchuk into the sides, and pivot the whole thing around the base. We can’t think of a single game that this would even work with, but maybe it’s not actually for Wii. Maybe there really is a console called Wü or Waa.


Yes, we know it’s mid-February now, and the last thing anyone wants is to be reminded of Christmas, but we don’t care. This tree is brilliant. Check out the photos, and if you manage to make one of your own, don’t forget to send us some pics. Hurry - there’s only another 10 months to go!


Peripherals manufacturer Joytech paid us a visit to show off three new products. There’s a wireless sensor bar and an orange gun that’s better than the Zapper but will require games to have redefinable controls, since the trigger is in the right place (i.e. not at the front). Best of all, the Powerstation plugs into the back of the Wii and features two lithium ion power packs. Swanky. You can rest your Nunchuks on it while the remotes charge up.

9)Game Boy touch

If you’ve got a dusty, neglected old Game Boy knocking around somewhere, why not have a go at turning it into something a bit more modern? This one has got a touch screen installed, replicating the functions of the D-pad and buttons. Marvelous. We’ve no idea how it was done, but the prototype is on sale for $145.

10) DS scribble

Here’s proof that you don’t need a workshop and some engineering skills to modify a DS. If you’ve got a ballpoint pen and you can press hard enough to gouge lines in solid plastic, you can make one of these - no artistic ability required apparently. Amazingly, somebody actually bought this on the Japanese Yahoo auction site. That won’t rub off, you know.

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