World of Nintendo

This month’s Top 20 things is a festival of old and new, scary and nice, handy and, erm, useless. And with millions more consoles out there, 2008 will be even more packed with the kind of random nonsense that makes the world of Nintendo such a fun place to be. Enjoy!


What could be cuter than a robot made from tiny Wii boxes? That’ll be a robot made from tiny Wii boxes, holding a Wii controller and actually playing Twilight Princess on the world’s tiniest Wii console! It’s something to do with the manga series Yotsuba&!, which looks like a spelling mistake but isn’t. If there are robots like this in the comics, we’ll have to start reading it.

2)Mario mashup

It seems that everyone with a bit of musical talent has had a crack at playing the Mario theme on anything that can be coaxed into making a tune. To save you tracking them all down, somebody had the bright idea of editing them together. Crank up the volume for this one.

3) Hot summer Yoshi

An old-style DS Tank for a few hundred bucks? Maybe if the box was padded with gold liner. But this is the Hot Summer Yoshi edition, which was a rare Club Nintendo item in Japan. There are only 200 of these in the entire universe.

4)Jam session

Lovely Kirsten from the Frag Dolls has proved her willingness to face internet humiliation by performing a nice tune using the Jam Session DS guitar sim. She sings very sweetly, and the song is from a little PC game called Portal you may have heard of before.

5)Ace of baby

If we were babies, we’d definitely want to be wrapped up in a blanket like this one, decorated with images from Super Mario Kart. That’s all, folks.

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