World of Nintendo

6) Wave rate
As Helium makes hispianosing the intro tune to Wave Race 64 (now on VC), we feel a twinge of nostalgic sadness.

7)64 x 10,000
Qubed Studios have made a full-featuredlevel editorfor Super Mario 64 that's already seen people redesign Miyamoto's opus as a blood-drenched house of horrors and a multi-Chomp battleground.

8) Goomba's life
This is a Goomba. He's here to represent "Goomba's Lifetime," a YouTube video so funny and poignant all at the same time, we ended up laughing through our eyes and crying through our mouth. We can't show you a screenshot or it'll spoil the joke. Just have your hankie at the ready for all face orifices.

9)Picture this (cake)
There's now a Flickr group dedicated to sugary things you can eat that look like videogames. Tetris cake with subliminal message "LES?" Check. Jigglypuff in a worryingly provocative pose? Check. Mario made up of 100 brownies? Well, they're trying to get the creator of that one involved but he's not taking the bait.

10) Mario car
Well: Nintendo's chosen to sponsor Greg Biffle of NASCAR fame. Look at the car. Then look at the EA Sports logo. Tiny. They must have paid for it with money from down the back of the sofa.