World of Nintendo

Sept 7, 2007

We've got a whole new bunch of eclectic and interesting bits from the world of Nintendo for you. If you missedany of our previouscompilations ofunusualNintendo stuffor you just want to see more oddball articles, clickhere. Otherwise, read on to discover all kinds of new tidbits you never knew you needed to know.

If you haven't yet seen's brilliant "screenshots" of a completely fake watered-down MH2, then do so now. Now that the game is actually coming out, we wonder if these are the actual changes that were made to ensure the M rating.

2) Zelda doc
It's an interview-rammed JapaneseZelda documentaryfrom 2003, fully translated into English (by 12 people over four years). Some real gems, including the never-satisfied Miyamoto being asked what the series' best puzzle is, and replying: "There isn't one yet."

Before seeing this, we'd have put underwater annoyance Blooper at number 132 in our list of "Nintendo characters we'd most like to snuggle up to," just under Larry Koopa. But now someone's turned the sub-aquatic jerk into cloth, and we're all, "Aw, lookaddaliddle bwooper" and stroking our monitors.

4) Party plastic
This is Nyko's Wii Party Station. It's got slots for your Wii remotes; places to clip your baby-plastic drinks cups; a big hole in the middle for snacks; and four little LED score-counters for those dark days when the world's ink mines run dry. It is, officially, the funniest thing we've ever seen. Especially with chips in it.

5) Blade of glory
Wow. It'sLink's sword. But in the form of 100cm of actual blade. The scabbard's a bit off. But thanks to the $40 discount, you're not just saving the princess - you're saving cold hard cash.