Wolverine trailer leaks online

Mere hours after it premiered in US cinemas in front of The Day The Earth Stood Still, the trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine has found its way online.

Naturally, given this age of YouTube and tiny video cameras, someone was going to do it. And while we can’t encourage that sort of thing, it's watchable below, though we can't wait for the clear, official version.

How is it? In our opinion, it’s dark, moody and shows some real promise. While there have been stories of studio interference and plenty of re-shoots (some of which are still scheduled for next month), it looks like it hits the right spots.

Plus how great is it to finally see Gambit on screen? And for Sabretooth to be played by an actual actor (Liev Schreiber)?

EDIT: Unsurprisingly, Fox has asked YouTube to pull the video. We'll keep an eye out for the official release and let you know when it leaks. In the mean time, we'd recommend searching YouTube if you're that anxious to see it.

Question: Your turn. Love it? Hate it? Tell us…